Rent to Own Program

Courlas Realty has NOW established our very first Rent with the right to purchase program through Home Partners of America. This is the perfect program for those not yet ready to make the move to full-on home ownership and for those who want to try things out for a bit, before jumping all-in. It is also perfect for those still working on their mortgage qualifications or for those who have been currently priced out of the market.

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Home Entrance
Home Entrance

Program Overview


-No Down Payment Required for this Program.

-No Obligation to Purchase after renting.

-Purchase Home Anytime that You are Ready!


Once Qualified: 

Start House Shopping!

Courlas Realty takes you to start house hunting immediately. We will look at homes for sale instead of rent. Giving you more housing options. Home Partners will purchase the home for you ALL CASH.


  1. EASY, No Cost to You-Prequalification, and a low $75 Application fee for full approval.

  2. Right to Purchase Option for up to 5 Years

  3. It is a Standard Lease with a Standard Rental Deposit to get started.

  4. Takes only 45 days or less from contract acceptance to move-in.

*Courlas Realty will represent Home Partners of America to purchase the home all cash for you to move into, once you choose the right home for you. Once you are qualified to buy with a mortgage lender, you can purchase the house at any time, within the agreed to 5-year right to purchase period. Or if you choose, you can work with Courlas Realty to help you find a new home to purchase and leave that home behind. You have no obligation to purchase the home.

Again, if you want to own a home but cannot currently qualify for a mortgage, or if you would prefer to rent a home now with the goal of purchasing it in the next three to five years, then this program may be the perfect program for you. Reach out today to get additional information 719.220.0167.

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